Wednesday, April 13, 2011

April Delta Dish

Volume 7 Issue 4

*** Random Thoughts

My son told me once that he couldn’t wait until he grew taller than me because then he’d be older than me and he could tell me what to do. He was incredulous when I explained that he may well be taller than me someday but he’d never be older than me.

I added I wouldn’t count on his telling me what to do, either.

When you’re a kid you can’t wait to be a grownup. Candy bars for breakfast, ice cream for dinner, and cartoons nonstop in between!

Wouldn’t it be nice if that’s what being a grownup was about, at least part of the time? The other day I was trying to decide what to have for dinner, running through what was in the freezer and what was in the pantry and I thought, “Didn’t I just do this yesterday?”

There it was: being a grownup in a nutshell. Didn’t I just do this – folding a load of towels, returning books to the library, figuring out what to have for dinner – yesterday and the day before that and the day before that?

Thankfully, most of the time I find contentment in the happy repetition of daily life (although not in unloading the dishwasher). Still, on Fridays when he asks if we can get a snow cone after school, I don’t hesitate. Enjoy being a kid.


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*** Great Quotes

“Easter spells out beauty, the rare beauty of new life.” - S.D. Gordon

*** Fun Food Ideas

Goodies for Easter:

Easter egg sugar cookies!

Bake cupcakes that have a fun swirled cake batter topped with spring-colored cream cheese icing.

*** Hit the Highlights – a few choice posts from this month’s blog

Getting ready for the garden

P90X Update

You can go home again

Multi-tasking is sorely overrated

My grandfather's garden

*** Shameless Bid for Commerce

“Keetha DePriest Reed's "More Culinary Kudzu: Recollections and Recipes from Growing Up Southern" is part cookbook, part collection of wonderful essays on food, family and growing up Southern and altogether great fun...

I would very highly recommend "More Culinary Kudzu" to anybody who enjoys good food and good writing as well as to anybody who wants to find out more about the South. As for me, I only have one question left - how do I get invited to one of their family reunions?” – review by

*** Recommended Reading

I must be living right: I have read so many great books lately.

West of Here is one of the best novels I’ve read in a while.

Our book club’s pick for April is Crooked Letter Crooked Letter by Tom Franklin. I finished it in one day; it was so compelling that I couldn’t put it down.

Last month I got to hear author Andre DuBus do a reading at Turnrow Books. I bought a copy of his memoir, Townie, which is excellent. "Searing" is the word many reviewers use to describe it.

*** Mississippi Writers Guild

The Mississippi Writers Guild sponsors writer workshops, conferences, writer retreats and reputable writing contests. Membership dues are only $40.00 per year.

*** Calendar

April 10th – 16th – National Library Week

Sunday, April 17 – Palm Sunday

Sunday, April 24 – Easter Sunday

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