Wednesday, August 10, 2011

August Delta Dish 2011

Volume 7 Issue 7

*** Random Thoughts

How I love back to school time! New notebooks and pencils, knowing fall is on its way. Most importantly: routine.

Routine – so mundane and rigid. I used to think of routines as strict guidelines that kill creativity and try to make everyone conform.

Now I know that for me, routine sets creativity free. Steps and lists and guidelines – that’s what I need to be productive and engaged. Without a routine, all the little things that add to big things don’t get done. Time and days slip away, leaving me frustrated and disappointment with myself, which doesn’t do a thing to help my productivity and creativity.

School starting means cooler temperatures can’t be too far behind (here’s hoping). Back to school is like the beginning of the new year for me, too. I love it!


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*** Great Quotes

"I think we need to be put back in touch with our be reminded of what's important, like memories about people we loved, or things that happened to us that affected our lives, things we can laugh about and shed a few tears about... I think storytelling is a way of saying 'I love you. I love you enough to tell you something that means a great deal to me.' " -- Kathryn Tucker Windham

*** Fun Food Ideas

Treats for teachers. To get the year off to a “sweet” start, send the teacher a treat: Caramel Cashew Bars! These are heavenly – buttery and rich. Make them with pecans or walnuts, if you’d rather. They are simple to make and as an added bonus, they can be made ahead of time and frozen.

Cut the bars into squares and fill a cellophane bag with them. Tie the bag in school colors and attach a few No. 2 pencils to the bow.

*** Hit the Highlights – a few choice posts from this month’s blog

Saving the world – first, let’s start with manners.

Epiphany through Billy Ray Cyrus. No, really.


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*** Shameless Bid for Commerce

“Keetha DePriest Reed's "More Culinary Kudzu: Recollections and Recipes from Growing Up Southern" is part cookbook, part collection of wonderful essays on food, family and growing up Southern and altogether great fun...

I would very highly recommend "More Culinary Kudzu" to anybody who enjoys good food and good writing as well as to anybody who wants to find out more about the South. As for me, I only have one question left - how do I get invited to one of their family reunions?” – review by

*** Recommended Reading

The Secret History by Donna Tartt is one incredible novel. I’m already looking forward to re-reading it.

13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher will break your heart. It’s an important book to read.

All the books I read in July.

*** Mississippi Writers Guild

The Mississippi Writers Guild sponsors writer workshops, conferences, writer retreats and reputable writing contests. Membership dues are only $40.00 per year. To learn more, visit

*** Calendar

Monday, August 1st – My sister in law’s birthday

Friday, August 5th – First day of school

Sunday, August 21st – My other sister in law’s birthday

Thursday, September 1st – Miss. State’s season opener at University of Memphis at 7:00.

Wednesday, September 7th – Jeffrey’s birthday

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